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Nate 5 weeks. Newborn photography

I have not had the challenge of photographing an older newborn up until now. I was contacted by Nate’s Mum soon after Christmas in hopes of capturing her baby son. She told me that she didn’t get photo’s of her 1st son and she regretted it and wanted to get some professional photos this time. Nate was an older newborn and fitting in a photoshoot around new years was a little difficult but we slotted Nate’s shoot in for when he was 5 weeks old. I was a little nervous about how the shoot would go having never had experience with an old babe but I was happy to just go with the flow ūüôā

I arrived and Nate had been fed and was a little sleepy. I wrapped him up, which was no mean feat considering his size! He was a big baby born and was now 5 weeks old so was rather huge! Definitely not what I am used to and wrapping him was a small challenge. We got a couple of photos before he woke again and wanted to be cuddled. I took some shots with mum and some awake shots, I reassured mum that I had no time constraints and just let the family go about their business. Dad went into town to check his lotto ticket that a woman had bought him for helping his daughter (I think he won $13), Caleb played with his robot dog and remote control car and mum fed and cuddled Nate.

Eventually Nate called it quits and fell into a lovely deep sleep. And then we could do just about anything with him (within reason, older newborns are not as flexible as babies under 2 weeks so some poses may cause injury to baby).

We got some lovely shots and when his big Brother Caleb was ready for some photos he was a dream to photograph also!!

Just a few…Check these out…

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Tanya Minotti Photography – Shepparton Newborn, Maternity and Birth Photographer


The Union on Kelly and Michael

Just a very select few from Kelly and Michaels’s wedding…

I was invited to photograph a beautiful little ceremony out at Lake Nillahcootie in November that would see Kelly and Michael become Mr and Mrs. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and the location was really lovely and quiet. The seating was placed on the lawn under the dappled light of some trees and the aisle was a very shot mowed strip from the car park that travelled up between the two sets of seats to where the wedding would take place. Two large vases of greenery with small white flowers that sat at the front of each side of the seating began to wilt with the heat of the day made for beautiful decoration.¬† I arrived a little early and had a quick chat with the Celebrant before the “boys” arrived. They all looked pretty relaxed, I assume that was aided by a couple of quiet beverages before the ceremony. ¬†Guests slowly began to arrive and soon after the main contingency of the wedding guests arrived by coach. The Groom and his groomsmen, Ricky, Stephen and Glenn put the final touches on their appearance with a little help from Michael’s mum. When Kelly arrived they drove a slow lap of the lack park in two ’55 Chev’s.


IMG_8082IMG_6886IMG_6913   IMG_6889 IMG_6895 IMG_6891 IMG_8187IMG_6898

Kelly looked stunning with her hair up in her corset back strapless white dress with embroidery and beading on the bodice. ¬†Kelly and her entourage including Kelly and Michaels’ 3 children, stretched their legs for a moment before Georgina, Sally and Melissa, followed by the two older children, Maddison and Harley. Finally Kelly made her way down the isle to¬†Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years, with her was her youngest son Felix and her Aunt Janice, who gave Kelly away.



Michael could not take his eyes of his bride as she made her way to him at the end of the isle and Kelly was absolutely glowing! When the ceremony began the celebrant realised her mic was not working, the situation was handled professionally and rectified pretty quickly. When it came time for the rings to be exchanged they called on the eldest son, Harley, who was asked to be ring barer to come forward. The moment left Harley a little confused but it sure did make for an adorable few moments!




After the ceremony we stuck around the Lake for a few photos before heading out to the “farm” for a few requested snaps with the truck. The sky at this point was really something!




I must say this wedding was a whole lot of fun! And I had such a pleasure shooting ūüôā

So thank you to Kelly and Michael for letting me capture and share your special day


By Tanya Minotti Photography



The Baptism of Maddison

Four month old Maddison was Baptised on the 12 of October in the Anglican Church of Australia, The Parish of the Holy Trinity Church in Benalla. The Holy Trinity is a beautiful old church, with lovely stained lead light windows and a friendly pastor and all the local church goers were warm and welcoming.


The morning I arrived in Benalla it was warm and sunny and not a cloud in the sky even with the forecast informing me of late rate ahead. I hadn’t met Maddison’s parents previously but when they arrived I just knew who they were. ¬†Jarod, Maddison’s dad had a basketball top on and changed in the car while Maddison’s mum, Laura changed Maddison in the back of their wagon into her christening gown that was over 100 years old! A beautiful cotton gown that had been worn and passed down through the generations.


Maddison’s loved ones slowly made their way into the church after greeting each other out side. ¬†They all sat close by each other and made up for most of the congregation in the small church. Maddison’s big brother was quite overwhelmed and found comfort beneath a pew but was soon comforted by Maddison’s soon to be Godfather and distracted by his phone.

IMG_5890 IMG_5886IMG_3771 IMG_3768 IMG_5896

After the usual Sunday service it was time for Maddison, her parents and her chosen God parent’s to present Maddison for her christening.

IMG_3774 IMG_3779 IMG_5915IMG_5917IMG_5930IMG_5939IMG_5957IMG_3785

After the main event the children made their way to the back of the church to keep them entertained with crayons and colouring-in pages while the last of the formalities of the church wound up.

IMG_5997IMG_5993 IMG_5992IMG_5979 IMG_5975IMG_6008

When the service concluded everyone gathered outside the church to converse and congratulate Maddison on her baptism.

IMG_6084 IMG_6069 IMG_6051IMG_6050 IMG_6032IMG_6027 IMG_6026IMG_6023 IMG_6019 IMG_6016IMG_3806IMG_3818


It was a truly beautiful morning, with Maddison a gorgeous centre of it all and hardly a fuss from her during the whole ceremony.  Thank you so much for asking me to capture the special occasion.