About Me

My Name is Tanya and I am a mother to 6 children, I am also a certified Doula (birth attendant), conservationist, vegetarian and all round animal lover. I am located in Shepparton, Victoria and I have a passion for photography using natural light. I enjoy many subjects such as maternity, birth and newborn but I am definitely not limited to those subjects. Other subjects that I enjoy are breastfeeding, macro and event documentary.
To date I have participated in several professionally run workshops by such artists as, Ben Marden, Emily Black, Anya Mari, Lorna Kirby, Kelly Brown, Victoria Berekmeri, Cassie Emmett and Melissa Cate. I also has the absolute pleasure of attending the 2015 Baby Summit with wonderful presenters such at Erin Elizabeth, Luisa Dunn, Melanie Kellermann, Rachel Vanoven, Sue Bryce and Kristen Cook among some of the wonderful sessions that I took part of. I am always learning and growing as an artist and I love networking with other photographers.
I also take on photo colourisation and restoration projects and have applied to volunteer for Heartfelt for parents who have known the heartbreak of the death of a child and only have photographs as memories and desire those photographs to be enhanced or “fixed”. I often take on restoration jobs so if you have something photographs you need or would like restored please contact me to discuss what can be done.
Thank you to Liz Arcus Photography for the photo

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Maternity birth newborn lifestyle documentry photographer located in Shepparton

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